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woman teaching classTransport Training International is noted as being the premier broker training facility of today's generation. We can teach you how to broker freight! Having educated thousands of students in the art of brokering, we continue to maintain a SUPERIOR REPUTATION among broker professionals nationwide. Browse our course offerings and see why we are the freight broker school for you.

In Classroom and At Home Options Available. Visit Links Below for Details.

Learn how to be a freight broker - Transport Training International will provide you with the trucking knowledge you need to become an agent at a successful brokerage or to continue on to get your load broker license and start a brokerage of your own. The best part is that after you complete our courses you can work from home, regardless of the career path you take.

We support you even after you complete training by providing placement as an agent in a brokerage, as well as discounts on software, and referrals to some of the best professionals in the industry. These benefits, in addition to the great foundation of knowledge that our courses provide, make it easy to see that Transport Training International is one of the best choices you could make regarding your future in the transport industry. If you want to learn how to be a truck broker, then you have come to right place!

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Agent Placement Program

Upon successful completion of your class, we offer placement to those who want to WORK in a licensed Freight Brokerage! As an affiliate of TTI, an independent brokerage firm has agreed to take on successful TTI graduates as agents. This is a commission based independent contractor position. As an independent agent, you will receive a 50% split commission on every load you move (this is the standard split for a new agent in the industry). Also, unlike other firms, you are not forced to sign a non-compete clause. YOUR SHIPPERS ARE YOUR SHIPPERS!!


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What Our Students Are Saying

woman working on computerTeaching out of a book is something everyone can do, but providing students with real life examples takes some good teaching skills. DeWayne as an instructor of this class not only managed to teach the material with ease, but left me with training that really kept my mind working! The concepts were well covered and would gladly recommend this class to others.
- D. Pereira, Detroit class

"The class was very well organized. I liked the small size of the class along with great techniques shown by Elliott Dugger. I always understood and was able to flow with the subject matter very easily. All examples and all content matter were extremely beneficial and real-world based."
- Randall M., Atlanta

"The class is extremely informative. I've learned more of how to run a business than in Cal State University. I liked that the instructor doesn't hide anything. He says it like it is. Also, that he gave us book recommendations to stay motivated. I'm very satisfied, this class is worth $3,000.00."
- Priscilla U., Dallas

The reality of the logistics business has set in! I have set up my office, prepared my business plan, established a target area for shippers and practiced my dialog. Next week I start my search for shippers. I have used the information I learned in class to increase our revenue in the trucking business. Your class has given me the edge needed t work with the brokers. I can't say enough good things about your school. I was concerned that once I left the classroom I would be lost. We had a trip to Vegas planned, I couldn't wait to get home to practice the things I had learned. I refer back to the material and I am refreshed. You have a natural gift for teaching. I should have had you in high school!
I like the fact you have an appreciation for the dollar. It was nice to start class in a timely manner, with little waste if time. I also appreciate the tips for free and cost effective business tools. I know you have spent a great deal of time locating these tools. If you would like to use me as a reference I am available. Thanks again for the education. We all know knowledge is POWER.
- Janie S.

Class was very informative. Gave enough information to start your own Brokerage the following week. The fact that internship as an agent is being offered is good because that gives experience prior to starting own business. TTA is highly recommended.
- Tanya J.

The most important thing I learned is about business ethics - being honest and integrity. Do not have to fear competition but to offer the best service to the shippers and consignees and have repeat business and referrals. Also to respect and treat carriers right and pay them fairly. DeWayne is very experienced in his field and passing on his knowledge. This class has given me the right focus and knowledge to take my first step in doing this business. I also know that I can count on their support on my journey to success.
- Susan L.

This is an excellent training program. I was impressed by Mr. Gilbreath's knowledge of this industry. I'm excited about being part of this industry. Mr. Gilbreath had made it easy to understand and TTA seems to have a great support system. I was a little apprehensive at first but it was well worth the money.
-S. Brown

As an ex-truck driver/owner operator; I do believe that I should have taken this course years ago. It would of helped me a lot. DeWayne was an excellent teacher/instructor. Material was extremely helpful and will be very useful in the future as tools to go by. I would recommend highly.
- S. Pierce

One week is very intense but you will cover all points. Questions are gone over thoroughly. There is individual time spent with each student that is having a problem. They are not going to let you move past a subject unless you are clear. I am extremely grateful for the time and effort from this school. I would highly recommend this school.
-J. Tudor

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